How A Hybrid Move Can Save You Time And Money

Posted on: 11 August 2014

People in the process of moving have typically have to decide whether to hire a service to help them pack and move their belongings, or whether to do the entire move on their own. Each method has its own specific pros and cons—hiring a mover will save you time, while moving yourself will save you money—but either way you will have to make a sacrifice. Your best option when moving may actually be to combine professional help with your own labor. A hybrid move like this can be configured to benefit you financially as well as save you time on moving.

Because you are using a combination of different moving methods, you can pay just for the services that would be most difficult for you to perform on your own—like loading and unloading a truck. If you do decide to take the hybrid route, you will still need to prepare as well as you can for the move to make the whole process easier.

With good preparation, the help of trained professionals, and reliance on your own effort, your move will be much less painful than it would be otherwise.

Save Money by Driving the Truck Yourself

When the time comes to make the actual move, you may be tempted to pay the moving service to drive the truck to your new home for you. This will certainly save you the effort of driving a big truck around, but depending on the distance it could end up costing you hundreds of extra dollars.

It may be wiser to pay for the rental truck and for the help loading it, but do the driving yourself. If you're paying for help with loading the truck, though, make sure you'll have assistance with unloading it once you arrive. The decision to drive the truck yourself or have a professional do it for you will likely depend on how stressful  packing will be for you and how tight your budget is.

Save More Money by Packing Yourself

It can take a lot of time to pack up your entire home on your own, but this is where preparation comes in. If you have a lot of time to spare before you'll actually be making the move, try to pack up just one or two boxes each day leading up to the move. This can remove the stress of trying to pack everything in a day or two, and will save you money on hiring a service to pack it for you.

Don't forget about insurance, though. Your rental or homeowner's insurance may or may not cover items damaged during a move. If you have professionals pack it for you, you'll have the option of purchasing insurance from them. They're also trained in moving heavy, awkward items like large pieces of furniture or pianos. Once again you'll have to decide whether the money you save by packing yourself will be worth the added stress. 

Save Time by Paying a Mover to Load and Unload the Truck

Loading the truck with all of your boxes and furniture is usually one of the most difficult parts of any move. Unless you're skilled in this area, you might find it hard to load everything in securely. The last thing you want is to have your stuff spill out or break while you're driving to your new home. Hiring a professional for this part of the move can save a lot of time and stress, as well as ensure the safety and security of your items while they're in the truck.

If you want to pay for loading or unloading, but not both, pay for the loading. Unloading items from a truck is usually much easier than trying to fit them all inside. Go to sites that feature residential moving companies to get more information about what services will be best for you.