3 Fun Uses For Custom Bottle Labels

Posted on: 23 September 2014

Many companies use sticker labels to promote their goods or services, but that's not all that label stickers are designed for. Folks just like you can use labels to celebrate special occasions or make happy moments more memorable, such as anniversaries or work functions. Interested in buying some self-adhesive labels, but not quite sure what to do with them? Use these 3 fun ideas as a guideline for your next exciting event. 

Family Vacation

Only 26% of Americans bring their children along on vacations, so make the most of your family's getaway if you don't plan to bring the little ones along on future trips. Even if you do intend to travel with your kids regularly, there's no reason not to make this trip together extra special. Instead of loading up on fast food and fountain sodas, pack a cooler with granola bars, fresh fruit, and bottled water. Stick a vibrant label on each bottle with a message like:

  • Thompson Family Vacation 2015 - Here We Come, Florida!
  • Birds of a Feather Vacation Together
  • Watch Out, California - The Johnson Crew Is on Their Way!
  • #SmithFamilyFun or #2015RamirezVacation, if you are traveling with tech-savvy elementary students or teens

If you are vacationing with younger children who can't read yet, consider using photographs rather than text. Order labels with pics of you and your kids together, or request photo stickers with images similar the area you are visiting, such as a beachfront or mountains. 

Gender Reveal Party

You can't exactly cram all of your loved ones into the ultrasound room to find out your baby's gender, but you can still find out the baby's gender together. Hosting a gender reveal party lets everybody react to the joyous news at the same time, whether you want to share it with a small group of friends or your entire extended family. Some couples have a baker fill the inside of a cupcake with blue or pink batter, while other parents-to-be pop balloons filled with colored confetti. Those are both cute options for announcing whether you're Team Blue or Team Pink, but you may want something a bit more unique. 

Gender-themed bottle stickers are a fresh, fun way to let the world know whether you're having a handsome cowboy or a sweet little princess. Ask the ultrasound tech to write the gender on a slip of paper and place it in a sealed envelope, then send the envelope to one of the reputable label companies in your area. When the labels arrive, have a friend (preferably one who knows how to keep a secret) affix the stickers to each bottle and place all of the beverages in a cooler. When your party starts, open the cooler and listen to the surprised cheers of your guests. 


Want to let your spouse or significant other know just how much you love them? Share your feelings on a bottle of water. One popular soda company already prints names and sweet nicknames on its bottles of bubbly beverages, but health-conscious folks or people who don't tolerate sugar well may not be a fan of the personalized soft drinks. Celebrate your relationship -- and your partner's commitment to fitness or health -- with custom-made water bottle labels. 

Do you remember the day you met your partner? Consider putting that on the labels. You may also wish to include:

  • A short list of things you love about your significant other
  • Happy memories that you shared together, such as a vacation or romantic dinner
  • Inside jokes that only the two of you understand

Instead of handing your partner a bunch of bottles at once, think of a special way to present the beverages. Lead your loved one on a romantic scavenger hunt, or hide a drink inside of a lunchbox or handbag. 

Remember, you aren't limited to the 3 ideas above. You can order custom bottle labels for any occasion, whether you're hosting a special event for your loved ones or celebrating a memorable moment with your coworkers. Contact a trusted label manufacturer today like http://www.nwlabel.com for help choosing the perfect font, text, and color options for your personalized labels.