Is Junk Removal The Right Choice For Your Home?

Posted on: 29 October 2014

Most cities have a day where they allow homeowners to place anything they want at the curb and it will be removed at no additional charge. This can include anything from old couches to broken washing machines. However, waiting for this "amnesty day" is not the right choice for every situation. Junk removal has become a thriving business because it works well for many people. Here's how to tell if it is right for you.

They Can Get the Items Out of Your Home

If you are a busy working professional, or even if you are a soccer mom with a full schedule, finding the time to deal with your pile of old junk can be difficult. If you have especially large items, or just a lot of stuff to go out, you have to take time out of your day to get it moved out to the curb. With your busy schedule, this time may be more expensive than just hiring the junk man to bring it out for you. You still need to do some supervision, but you can supervise while doing other light chores around the home. Even better, instead of taking time off to complete the task, you can schedule the removal for a time that you will be home anyway.

Another reason you might want the junk removal pros to come in and grab your items is because you can't move them yourself. This might be because you can't physically lift much, or it might be because you can't get anyone else to help on the right day. When moving large furniture, you need at least one other person to assist. This means that all your helpers need to schedule time to help you move. In many cases, it is easier to simply hire the junk removal company to get it for you.

They Clean Up When They Are Done

There is one noticeable difference between junk removal services and the local waste management company. Only one of those two services is going to be professional throughout the entire process. Because you can always pay the waste management company a fee to pick up your large items along with the normal trash, junk removal companies need a way to set themselves apart. One way they do this is by offering to remove the items from your home. Another way that they often go the extra mile is by cleaning up behind them. Large items that have been sitting for a long period of time are a collection point for dirt and dust. The junk removal company can not only remove your items, they can remove this unpleasant cleaning task from your to-do list.

They Can Recycle Instead of Dumping Your Items

You can recycle just about anything, but the companies that offer recycling services for unusual items are generally on a tight budget. Often they cannot afford the additional expense of picking up your items. Even if they do, having to coordinate with multiple companies to pick up all the items you want to get rid of can be a serious hassle. Junk removal companies have listened to the emphasis on recycling and are there to assist you in this area. If you want to be sure that as much of your junk is recycled as possible, they will work to get it into the proper hands.

Junk removal is trash pickup with an extra layer of service. Rather than forcing you to work by their schedule, residential junk removal services work to make the process as easy for you as possible. That alone is a good reason to consider working with one of these companies the next time you clean out your house.