3 Tips For Writing Your Own Tombstone Inscription

Posted on: 8 June 2016

Choosing to plan your own funeral helps to take some of the stress away from your family after you pass away. Most people focus solely on the funeral service, but you can go further in your planning. You can choose your grave marker and write the inscription you want displayed on it. If you are planning to write your inscription, here are some things to keep in mind. 

Be Short and Concise

When faced with the challenge of writing your own inscription, determining what facts or sentiments about yourself you should include can be challenging. After all, there have been many important moments in your life and you have filled a number of roles, such as son or daughter or parent. 

Resist the urge to try to write a mini-bio on your grave marker. Too many words on the marker can make it appear to be jumbled and leave very little room for other elements, such as a picture. At most, stick to six lines or less. How many you should have varies on the size of your marker and the font size. 

Try to Be Upbeat

Although the idea of one's own death can be sad, leaving an inscription that is heavy with grief can leave your loved one's feeling unbearably sad. By opting for humor or irony instead, you can not only help your loved one's with handling their grief, but you can leave a lasting impression to visitors to your grave. 

Regardless of which emotion you want to elicit from mourners, try to be genuine to who you are. A heartfelt, sincere inscription can be a lasting testimony to the type of person you were for future generations.

Avoid Overly Used Expressions

You might be tempted to give in and opt for one of the clichéd expressions found on other markers, such as "In loving memory of" or "Forever in our thoughts," but those are not a summary of your life. The idea of writing the inscription now is to ensure that it is personal and an accurate summation of your life. 

If you are unable to find the right words, consider quoting a favorite poet or musician. Not only is there a smaller chance that there are other markers with the same inscription in the cemetery if you use a poem or song, but you get a chance to share something that made you happy with your family. Contact a company like Elmwood Casket Company for more information.