Using The Right Moving Supplies To Ensure Your Belongings Are Safe

Posted on: 12 September 2016

If you are soon to be moving to a new home, you are most likely in the process of organizing your personal belongings so you can prepare them for packaging. The supplies you use can make a big impact on the condition of your items after they are jostled around in a moving truck or plane to get to their new destination. Here are some tips you can use to ensure your belongings remain in the safest condition with the assistance of the packaging materials you select for their protection.

Use Sturdy Enclosures

Many people use cardboard boxes to house their smaller belongings during a move. While this is surely better than throwing things into a bag or tossing them into a moving truck without protection at all, many items will fare better in a plastic storage tub instead. Cardboard boxes are at risk for ripping, becoming crushed by other items nearby, or opening up if they are not sealed tightly. A plastic storage tub will house the belongings safely inside without worry about these scenarios.

If you do opt for a cardboard box, make sure it is not one that has been sitting around your home for a while. A pre-used box could have weakened layers of corrugation, leading to easy breakage. Purchase new boxes from a shipping supply store if necessary. Some moving companies also provide brand new boxes for customer use.

Make Sure To Use Cushioning

Breakables will require that you add a layer of protective cushioning in the container to reduce the chance of unfortunate damage. Start by pouring a few inches of packing peanuts into the bottom of a bin or box. Wrap the delicate item with bubble wrap pieces and use heavy-duty packing tape to secure it in place. Place the items in the enclosure and then use additional packing peanuts around and over them to keep the risk of an impact from breaking them.

Keep Containers Securely Closed

If you place your items in a container and fail to secure the lid or flaps, your items can spill out all over a moving truck or shipping aircraft. It is very important to take the time to make sure all openings to an enclosure are secure before sending the package on its way to the new home. If you use a cardboard box, make sure to use thick packing tape to keep flaps closed. The bottom of the box should also be checked for weakening and reinforced with additional tape if necessary. If you use plastic storage containers, purchase the type that have lids that lock onto the main portion of the container. It is a good idea to use pieces of packing tape along each side of the lid to secure it to the container as well. 

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