From Prototype To Profit: 7 Ways To Get Your New Product To Consumers

Posted on: 28 November 2016

Finding distribution channels for a new product is one of the biggest challenges a business owner or inventor faces. You have a great idea that provides real solutions to consumers, but you just can't walk into your local retail store and get shelf space. Or can you? The decisions made at this pivotal point are crucial to the survival of your company or idea.

Here are 7 ways you may be able to get your new product into the hands of potential customers, once you're fully protected by a patent, incorporated, and have implemented your marketing and branding ideas:

1. Set Up A Website

Build a solid website that works across all devices, especially mobile, where most searches originate, and simply present your product for the problems it solves. Feature it in simple terms and create a customer review and feedback area. You don't have to be a techie to build your site, as there are a number of outlets online where the extent of the knowledge you need is copy and paste.

2. Talk To A Custom Packager And Shipping Specialist

Packaging and shipping are major aspects of your future success; however, it's easy to underestimate your needs in this area or think you can handle it all on your own. You need to be able to safely pack and ship your product, in an efficient (because people hate to wait for delivery!) and economical manner. A packaging specialist will give you great ideas on how to streamline shipping, manage your moving materials and get your products to the customer safely. With shipping and delivery, the box you send is almost as important as the contents inside. Check out websites like for more information on your packaging options.

3. Get Your Product In Mom And Pop Shops Around Town

While the big box stores may reserve their space shelf for distributors with connections, lawyers and recognizable names, you should be able to get your goodies on the counter tops of smaller businesses in town. If you know a small business owner personally, ask for a square foot of prime window space or to be able to demo your product somewhere near the register. If you're approaching strangers, offer them a commission on any sale you make, as an incentive.

4. Put It On Major Retailer Sites

The number one retail site on the planet happens to allow individuals just like you the opportunity to present your products to the world. Avail yourself of this opportunity by putting your product up, connecting it to your website and providing the most amazing customer experience within your power.

5. Discuss And Offer The Product On Classified Sites

Free classified sites are a good resource for a startup, mainly because they're free, but you might be surprised at how many people actually read them. Briefly highlight the advantages your product offers and include a link to that all-important website of yours.

6. Attend Local Festivals And Annual Fairs, Parades, And Celebrations

Even if you live in a small town, you can make big things happen through local promotions. Setting up a table at an event gives you exposure, but you have to take full advantage of it—don't simply expect customers to flock to you. Set up the table to make understanding your product as simple as possible and offer it at a low price point. While these types of events usually mean higher prices for consumers, they're not planning on spending money on a new product; thus, you want to make it economically viable for them.

Besides a manageable price-point, include a business card with a reward/promotion for the customer reviewing your new product on your website or mentioning it on social media. These are little steps that can serve as the building blocks for your business's future.

7. Make And Post A Video Everywhere Online

Demo your great idea in a quick, but effective, video. It should be of professional quality and showcase what you have to sell in the first few seconds. Video is a productive mass-marketing vehicle, and you can link the video with your site, on the (free) classified ad and post it directly on the major retailer site(s) you're using.

Finding distribution channels for any new product is a challenge, but your relentless efforts will pay off. These creative ways to bring your product to market may lower customer acquisition costs and put your business on the map and if you've really got a great idea to begin with, they'll take your company to the next level.