Tips For Making Unpacking Easier After A Move

Posted on: 19 December 2016

A lot of people find that renting a storage unit can help make a move a little bit easier. If you are getting ready to move and want to simplify that process, you may want to consider renting a unit too. In addition, if you want to make unpacking in your home as easy as possible when you finally move, you may want to consider using the following tips.

Get Rid of Things

Unpacking in a new home can be almost as difficult as packing up an entire home, but there are steps you can take to reduce the amount of time this will take and to make unpacking an easier task. The first step is to get rid of things you really do not need, and this is something you should do while you are packing up your new home.

While you are packing, you must get in the mindset of purging. If you pack up every last thing you own, unpacking will be extremely hard to do. In fact, you will most likely never get fully unpacked, simply because you will have so much stuff that you really do not need.

Pack By Room

Packing by room is another good step. If you do this and label the boxes, it will be very simple to know where things will go. As you are packing, be thinking about what room the items will go in at your new house. In other words, do not pack by the rooms the items are currently in, but pack rather by the rooms they will belong in when you get to your new house.

If you have items that do not necessarily belong to a certain room, mark the boxes with a symbol or letter that represents this. You can then stack all these boxes in one area when you move.

Use An A, B, C System

Another great idea is to use a system for packing, and the A, B, C system may work well for you. With this system, you will give each box a level of priority, with A being the most important. All the boxes with the letter A will be the ones that you unpack first. These boxes should contain all the most important things you need and that you know for sure belong in your house. When you begin unpacking, empty out an entire box and put the items in place before opening another box.

Boxes that are labeled C will be the items that are not important at all. In fact, you might want to consider placing these boxes straight in a storage unit.

Utilize A Storage Unit

Having a storage unit will make unpacking a lot easier, especially if you use a letter system for packing. If you place all the boxes labeled with a C in the storage unit, you will have less to unpack right away when you move in. You could focus on the boxes with A on them first and then work on the ones labeled with a B. This may take you a couple days or a couple weeks to complete, depending on how fast you move.

Once you have completed all of the boxes you have at home, you could then move your boxes out of your storage unit and begin working on them when you have time. Start packing as early as possible so you can have a better idea of how many boxes and which items will need to go to a unit. That way you can better estimate which size of unit you need and whether or not a climate-controlled unit should be found.

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