Business Coupons: Printer Options For Creating & Distributing Consumer Discounts

Posted on: 4 January 2017

One of the more traditional ways to draw customers to a business is with coupons. The discounts and access to coupon options can help showcase products, meals, or services that your business may offer. If you want to control coupon distribution and plan out different promotions, then you need a heavy access printer that can handle all of your needs. Learning about different printer features can help you select the best option for your business and your coupon printing needs. Many printers will have one or more of these options available and can make it easy to get tasks done while having the coupons that you desire.

Cloud Computer Access

Coupons are available both digitally and on paper these days. As you are printing and planning coupons, you can handle both printing and digital options at the same time. Advanced business printers feature cloud connections to a number of digital services. This allows you to have digital back-ups of coupons. Not only does this allow you to distribute coupons online, but it can give you instant access to the coupons so you can verify them any time they are used at your business. The wireless computer access also allows you to send coupons and images directly from your phone and to the printer. This can save a lot of hassle when you need to print out new files or extra coupons.

Thick Paper Printing Options

Printing out coupons on traditional paper may not have the same appeal as it does when it is made available on thick and sturdy paper. Not all printers can handle the capabilities, so it's important to find a printer that can handle thicker paper like card stock. By printing on the thicker paper, you can present your coupons in a nicer fashion and create something that is more durable. If you plan on mailing out your coupons, then this is also a viable option for your needs. Some advanced printers will feature two loading trays. One tray can have standard paper while another features the thicker paper. This can help save a lot of time and hassle when you're switching from one print job to the next.

Automatic Double-Sided Printing

There are many cases where you need to print coupons with dual sides. One side may be used for scanning UPC and QR codes. Another side may have extra conditions and details listed for the coupon. This includes return policies or special items that the coupon does not apply to. The best way to print these coupons is by purchasing a printer that features automatic double-sided printing. By having automatic double-sided printing, full coupon sheets can be printed without having to manually feed paper into the device. Once the document is sent to the printer, everything will be completed automatically so that you can simply pick up the set of coupons once the process has been completed.

High Speeds

In some cases, you may be printing sets of dozens to hundreds of coupons at a time. If this is the case, then you want a printer that can offer high speeds. The printing speed that you are looking for is labeled as PPM or "Pages Per Minute." When looking at the PPM on various printers, it's good to focus on the color PPM so you can get a better idea of how images and coupon graphics will print out. The faster the printer, the more copies you can churn out in a short amount of time. This will also help free up the printer for other various office tasks that need to get completed.

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