Reasons Living In A Master Planned Community Is Worth Considering

Posted on: 5 March 2018

There are many advantages to living in a master planned community. It's almost like living in your own contained city with everything you need within convenient reach. A master planned community is planned down to the smallest detail, so your living experience is rich and enjoyable. Here are some things you may find in such a neighborhood.

Nature Trails And Activities

While the homes are carefully planned in a master community, the landscaping and nature activities are as well. These communities tend to have lakes, walking trails, wooded areas, lush lawns, and landscaping that makes the neighborhood beautiful to live in. If you move to one of these communities, you'll be governed by an HOA, which means everyone has to maintain their property according to the same standards, so you won't have to worry about a neighbor with tall grass or weeds. Many planned communities even provide lawn service as part of the HOA dues. This ensures the view is always striking as you drive into the community, walk on a trail, or look out the window of your home.

Stores And Restaurants

You don't have to worry about being buried in a sea of houses with no stores in sight. A master planned community often has a grocery store, pharmacy, and restaurants on the grounds. There might even be an elementary school on the grounds so your kids can go to school near where they live. Depending on the size of the community you buy into and the features it offers, you could have all the commercial business and stores you need to save you from having to drive into the city as often.

Pools And Fitness Centers

Planned communities have different offerings, but most of them have ample recreational activities. The swimming pools are often fun, resort-style pools that make you feel like you're on vacation. You'll probably find a fitness center so you can work out on equipment and stay in shape. Also, there will be lots of social activities, so you can meet your neighbors and make lasting friendships.

Age Restrictions

You can buy into a planned retirement community if you want a quieter life away from kids. Master communities for retirees are usually designed to make sure you have everything you need in a convenient location. You may travel by golf cart to the store or restaurant. You may find a library, woodworking shop, and a social center that hosts movies and dances to keep you socially engaged. Moving into one of these communities when you retire could be a good choice since it eliminates yard work and provides you with many opportunities to stay active and have fun.

Even though you live in a master-planned community, you're still part of the larger city in which it's based. It's just that you'll have your own private neighborhood where everyone lives by the same rules and has private recreational facilities that are often far better than what's offered in public facilities run by the city. For more information, contact a company like First United Realty, Inc.