Three Uses For Gravel You Probably Are Unaware Of, And Why They're Important

Posted on: 24 April 2019

Gravel is one of those products that is so common most people do not even think about it. In fact, gravel is used in ways that makes it "invisible" to people. These particular uses for gravel you may not be aware of, just because you do not realize that gravel is present. However, each of the following uses for gravel are important for their own reasons. 

Constructing French Drains

French drains are a special type of drain that helps pull water out and away from your home's foundation. A long pipe under the topsoil has several holes drilled into it to release the water it removes into the yard and surrounding soil. This PVC (i.e., plastic) pipe sits on top of a bed of fine gravel. The gravel dissipates the water after it spills out of the holes in the draining pipe and the water filters down through the bed of rocks or pebbles until it finally reaches the ground underneath this constructed drain system. You will find this especially useful if you are constantly dealing with a ton of water or moisture in your basement every time it rains. 

Constructing a Driveway

If you roll back and forth over your driveway every morning, you are completely oblivious to the fact that gravel is the first layer placed when pouring a concrete driveway. The gravel layer is the "bed rock" of the driveway. It grabs onto the wet concrete and holds it in place while the concrete dries and hardens. If you ever need to replace part or all of the driveway, entire slab sections have to be ripped away down to the gravel layer. Then that layer has to be smoothed out with fresh gravel before new concrete is poured. 

Stabilizing Softer, Loamy Soils

Really soft and/or loamy soils have a way of creating dips in your yard that just do not seem to go away. One way to stabilize this kind of soil is to scrape up the top layer, put down a layer of gravel, and then replace the soil that was there before. Additional topsoil may be added to help level it out some more and make it appear nice and even. The gravel helps support the softer soil on top, and prevents the softer soil from sinking and creating those weird dips in your yard. Usually, this is an effective and invisible means of addressing this problem. 

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