3 Benefits Of Using Hemp Lotion

Posted on: 29 July 2020

If you want to treat your skin right, you should consider purchasing some full spectrum hemp oil lotion. Hemp lotion has actually been around for a long time; however, with the full legalization of hemp, there are now more hemp oil lotions on the market, and a bigger focus on the benefits and reasons to use hemp oil lotion over other types of lotion.

Benefit #1: High Concentration of Vitamins

The lotion you put on your body should provide more than hydration; it should also provide your skin with the vitamins that you skin needs to be healthy.

Hemp seeds, a key ingredient in hemp lotion, contain many vitamins that are vital for healthy skin. Hemp seed contains vitamins such as vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that helps facilitate the growth of healthy skin. Hem seed contains vitamin C, which helps your skin maintain a youthful elasticity. Hemp also contains a variety of different types of vitamin B, which can help keep your skin nice and firm.

Your skin needs vitamins, and hemp lotion does a great job providing you with all the vitamins you need to have in order to have great looking skin.

Benefit #2: High Levels of Essential Acids

Second, hemp lotion contains a high amount of fatty acids. Healthy fatty acids, known as Essential Fatty Acids – EFAs., include things such as omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. Omega fatty acids are important to your skin. EFAs help to keep your skin supply and help to maintain your skin's regular appearance.

Hemp lotion has the added benefit of containing amino acids in addition to fatty acids. Amino acids help your skin to produce collagen. The presence of collagen helps to keep your skin youthful looking. Amino acids also help your skin make elastin, which is necessary to stop the creation of wrinkles on your face.

Benefit #3: Great Moisturizer

Hemp oil lotion does a really great job at moisturizing your skin. Hemp oil lotion helps lock moisture into your skin and can really help you deal with dry skin. If you use hemp lotion all the time, you will notice that occurrences of dry skin start to dissipate.

Benefit #4: Great for the Environment

When it comes to the lotions you purchase and use, hemp has the most positive impact on the environment. Hemp is both a sustainable and renewable resources. Hemp lotion doesn't contain petroleum, like many types of lotion do. Additionally, the process of turning hemp into lotion requires less chemicals than other lotion products.

Hemp oil lotion provides a high concentration of vitamins and essential acids to your skin. Hemp is a great moisturizer, and has a more positive impact on the environment than other types of lotion