Reasons To Engrave A Cellphone Or Tablet

Posted on: 15 September 2020

It's common to want to get special things that you own engraved. For example, you might get your favorite pewter beer stein engraved or choose an engraved nameplate for a framed family portrait that hangs on your wall. What you might not realize is that there are also some good reasons to consider engraving for some devices that you use countless times each day. If you use a cellphone and a tablet, it's worthwhile to think about visiting your local engraving service to have one or both of these devices engraved. There are all sorts of engraving options to consider, from your name to quotes that you favor. Here are some reasons to engrave a cellphone or a tablet.

As An Anti-Theft Measure

A good reason to engrave either of these devices is for the anti-theft benefits. While some people use custom cellphone cases, the issue with this idea is that someone who steals your cellphone can simply remove the case — thus making it difficult for you to prove that the person indeed has your phone, especially after he or she wipes out the content. Engraving the back of the phone with your name or your initials is a good anti-theft measure because it's difficult or impossible for someone to remove the engraving.

As A Gift

There are many situations in which you might wish to give a cellphone or a tablet as a gift. When your child gets old enough for a phone, you'll often buy one for him or her. Or, you might buy a tablet for your elderly parent so that he or she can communicate via video. When you're giving one of these devices as a gift, a personalized engraving can be fun to consider. There are many options, but something simple works well. For example, in the case of the tablet, you might choose the engraving to read, "We look forward to seeing you more often."

As Motivation

Quotes can be an effective source of motivation. You might sometimes wear clothing that features certain famous quotes, or you might have artwork in your home that depicts one of your favorite quotes. Don't overlook the merits of engraving your cellphone or tablet with an important quote. Given that you handle these devices many times throughout the day, the quote — and the valuable source of inspiration that it provides — will never be far away.

Drop into your local engraving service to speak to a personal engraving professional and learn more about the options for customizing your cellphone or tablet.