The Vital Details To Know About The Bail Bond Companies

Posted on: 9 October 2020

Bail bond companies exist to help people charged with crimes before their sentencing. It can take more than a year for a case to go to trial, which means that without posting bail, an individual would spend all that time in jail, even if they are not guilty of the crime. When a judge sets bail, it allows those individuals to post the bail amount, get out of jail, and then await the court hearing where sentencing will eventually occur. Because the bail set may be a bit high, bail bond companies offer an option to individuals that allows them to post just a percentage of their bail.

Do All Bail Bond Companies Charge the Same Percentage?

All bail bond companies charge a percentage of the total bail amount, but they do not all charge the same rate. While around 10 percent is considered the standard amount, some of these companies charge a bit more and other charges less, such as seven percent. Because the percentages differ from one company to the next, anyone who needs to work with a bail bond company should shop around to see which one offers a lower percentage than the others.

How Does an Individual Make the Payment?

Bail bond agents will usually accept different forms of bail payment. People will often pay in cash after signing an agreement. However, there is the option of paying with a debit or credit card. If the individual who needs to post bail does not have a bank account, they could have a loved one get a money order for them for the specific amount owed to the bail bonds company.

Are There Stipulations When Working With a Bail Bond Company?

Those charged with crimes who are getting out on bail with help from a bail bond agents will need to deal with some stipulations. The stipulations will usually depend on the extent of the crimes. Those with more severe charges will often have more rules to follow than those with less severe crimes. The bail bonds professional will keep track of each client's court dates, ensuring they attend all of them. Failure to do so would cause bail to get revoked.

Bail bond companies have helped many people afford the cost of bail while they await trial. It is beneficial for defendants to have access to these companies because sometimes bail is thousands of dollars. These companies charge different rates, so anyone who needs a bond dealer should ask about the percentage paid beforehand. There are also rules that a defendant must follow to avoid any additional legal issues or problems with the bail bonds professional. To learn more, reach out to a bail bond company