• An In-Depth Look At The Complexities Of Metal Annealing

    For the most part, people think of metal annealing as a simple process. However, it is actually far more complex than most people imagine. In general terms, annealing is a heat process done to certain materials to either increase or decrease density or hardness or bring about some type of desirable attribute. Here is a look at why the annealing process is a bit complicated.  The metal has to be heated up in a uniform fashion.
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  • 5 Traits You Should Possess As A Retail Sales Associate

    Retail jobs take up a huge sector of the employment industry, and these positions are not hard to find. Here is a look at some of the traits you should possess if you are considering applying for a retail sales job.  1. Good Communication Skills  You will be dealing with the public on a daily basis as a retail associate, so communication skills are a must. You should be able to communicate in a polite way even when customers are not being so polite, and you will need to be able to communicate with other associates.
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  • Eligibility For Bikini Atoll Nuclear Test Explosions Cancer Claims Close In 2022

    Military veterans who attained cancers owing to nuclear weapons testing are eligible for compensation, but the window to make a claim will close in 2022.  Dozens of different types of cancers have been associated with nuclear radiation. Owing to the risk of harm to the environment and human life by radiation fallout from nuclear explosions, most countries seized nuclear weapons testing when the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty (CTBT) was proposed in the 1990s.
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